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The Company

The name “Roventa Vet Pharma” is a symbol of TRUST, HONESTY, COMMITMENT and innovative new ideas. Roventa Vet Pharma is a  animal health trading company in Bangladesh & its journey towards excellence in begins in December 2016 with the introduction of quality Animal Vitamin in Bangladesh Livestock market. Our objective is Towards Production of healthy protein via Quality Farming by Management Nutrition & Bio Security. Roventa Vet Pharma has carried out numerous jobs from beginning and has been providing its customers with superior products clubbed with a highly skilled and experienced work force to guarantee complete satisfaction. Roventa Vet Pharma is one of the fastest growing animal health companies in Bangladesh.

Import, Distribution & Marketing of Poultry and Livestock Supplements.

We believe that business is not only business, but also a symbiosis. We always look forward to such type of relationship that can stand beside each other in crisis moment.

We are motivated by results and value teamwork. We are committed to and truly care about our Employees, Farmers, Customers, Consultants and Strategic Partners